Same Day Delivery

More service, more time

tiramizoo is a one-stop provider of all same day delivery options

Greater success

Impress your local customers both in your online shop and offline retail outlet

Plug and Play

Easy to integrate into the online shop and offline retail outlet. Create a delivery profile now and get started within 48 hours! Rollout in over 160 towns and cities.

More quality

Leading quality management for the best express shopping experience

More options

Two variations: one-man handling (OMH) and two-man handling (TMH)

Transparency and fairness

Fair prices for your customers, and fair payment for couriers.

More industry know-how

Standardised delivery processes and multichannel strategies suitable for many industries

More security

Greater last mile insurance coverage, secured handover to the correct recipient, credit card and identity checks

We bring online shopping to your doorstep

  1. The customer selects tiramizoo same day service as delivery option when ordering from your web shop.
  2. tiramizoo receives all delivery order information. While your employees prepare
    the goods for pickup, tiramizoo finds
    the adequate driver and dispatches the delivery.
  3. The customer receives the merchandise timely
    at the desired time from tiramizoo and simply confirms the delivery by signature
    via tiramizoo app.
  4. The driver picks up the ordered merchandise
    at your shop or warehouse in time.