Software as a Service

Customized solutions

Individual, flexible, reliable: with customised solutions designed to meet individual customer requirements, tiramizoo is bringing a breath of fresh air to the industry. The software developed by the logistics visionaries impresses at all levels, and offers sophisticated solutions for logistics processes which are subject to diverse parameters. For modern city logistics which meet today’s needs.

The tiramizoo system stands for more service, more support, and more technology. At the end of the day that means greater output security and more satisfied customers.

What ‘Software as a service’ stands for

  • more competitive advantages: recording and analysing existing delivery data gives you the necessary logistical advantage over your competition

  • more sales power: daily evaluations of the ordering behaviour of existing and potential customers
  • more control: ideal application of resources under varying delivery parameters and courier resources
  • more customer service: guaranteed time slot delivery with automated customer communication by SMS or email along the entire delivery chain
  • more quality: greater quality in terms of on-time delivery, timely delivery data and customer satisfaction
  • more security: electronic signatures for confirmation of receipt, dangerous goods class calculator and automated control mechanisms (confirmation of acceptance, proof of recipient identity)
  • more planning: optimal application of resources, from order placement, to warehousing and personnel planning for couriers
  • more options: individual logistics solutions, with or without transport services
  • plug and play: easy to install and use with existing systems and processes
  • the best price: a flexible software with low initial costs, a high degree of flexibility and reliability, as well as tendering tools which match your logistics profile

Software for couriers

From experts, for professionals

Simple and quick, yet highly professional and 100% reliable: the tiramizoo courier software impresses in every respect. It was developed by logistics experts whose vision is currently revolutionising the industry. And it’s used by professionals who want to optimise their delivery systems further. The tiramizoo courier app enables the best possible vehicle capacity utilisation, making empty runs a thing of the past. But that’s not all. The tiramizoo courier software is capable of much more.

Four convincing advantages

  • Completely paperless: paper receipts, multiple physical documents? Outdated! tiramizoo customers are issued with electronic receipts, electronic confirmations of acceptance, and delivery messages sent by SMS or email. Simple and practical.
  • Status tracking in real time: always know the current status of your delivery. A matter of course for the courier as well as the recipient.
  • No planning expenditure means reduced personnel expenditure: planning is automatically managed via the tiramizoo software, effectively reducing our courier partners’ expenditure on personnel.
  • Automatic transfer of delivery data including signature: forgotten or lost a form? That can’t happen with tiramizoo. All accepted deliveries, together with the signature of acceptance, are stored and ready to call up at any time.

Examples of what the tiramizoo app can do:

Warns when the courier has deviated from the route: if the courier attempts to drive to a different target, then the app issues a signal.

Prescribed service times: the courier is requested to enter a service duration time so that a stop can be marked as completed.

The customer sees what has been signed: which deliveries have been recorded or shipped, which steps have required additional service time, and what additional services have been made available to them.